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Michael Foster

2017    Size   H: 10 in  W: 9 in  D: 4 in

Available for sale

I recently stumbled on a new class of minimal surfaces based on warping a torus. These forms are called Bianchi-Pinkall Flat Tori, named after the mathematicians who described them. The end result is very similar to other work I have done based on knots and tori. As with many of these forms, this piece is a Mobius (better described as a non-orientable surface) having only one side and one continuous edge. The form started life on the lathe as a turned torus, but then it was all carving after that to arrive at the final form. The entire edge of the form lay on the surface of the original torus, and is all that is left of the turned torus. Sugar Maple Bleach, Bush Oil Stainless steel, Soapstone

Angled view

Side View

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