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Jay Rogers

2017    Size   H: 15 in  W: 15 in  D: 12 in

In a gallery - at the Society of Arts and Crafts, Boston, MA

This sculpture box began with a hodge-podge of inspirations: depictions of walled towns in medieval paintings, labyrinths and mazes, medieval reliquaries, and my own desire to wander creatively after wandering in Tuscany. I had no drawings to start with, just a vague notion of a whimsical, rather chaotic multi-level structure with arches, stairs and towers. The church fa├žade imposed itself after a look at Orvieto, and of course the central tower is a nod in the direction of Florence. The process was entirely improvisational with much use of cardboard and scotch-tape. The finished box has four entrances, ten stairways, thirty arches, nine columns, and two towers. Parts of four of the facades pull forward to reveal drawers, and the tops of the two towers lift off.

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