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Photo by Deftly Daft Productions
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The Shaman

Rick Crawford

2017    Size   H: 6 in  W: 3.25 in  D: 3.25 in     Weight: 3 lb

Available for sale - Please contact the artist.

Repurposed Parrallam construction beam, turned, carved, locally sourced clay particles from the floor of a 100 year old barn near Naselle, Washington, with ferrous oxide and verdigris patinas, repurposed copper sheet, forged, with flame patina, brass tacks. Base is repurposed 2" copper pipe, fold-formed using a 30 ton hydraulic press, with flame patina. This is a further exploration into the artistic possibilities with Parrallam. This is an interactive piece, allowing the viewer to position the two elements in unlimited orientations in relation to each other.

Photo by Deftly Daft Productions
Photo by Deftly Daft Productions

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