The Sphere - Second Round

"Turning a sphere on one set of centers is a fairly tricky thing to do. Making it symmetrical and with a constantly changing cut, but not changing too quickly, will test even the most skilled turner. It is a good exercise and quite challenging. By making a template out of cardboard, or better yet thin plastic, one can easily ascertain the curve of the spinning cylinder. Rotate the template ninety degrees to have a visual guide in order to 'see' the exact curvature of the sphere. If one creates a sphere on more than one set of centers, with the use of added fixtures to keep the surface from getting marred, the result will be much more exact to the true form of the sphere.

But the challenge of this exhibition is not about making the perfect sphere, it is about using the sphere as a starting point: it is more about the creativity involved in making work with a distinctive voice. With the goal of showing an even broader perspective on the topic, we invited makers whose work is not associated with the woodturning field."

[Description courtesy of the AAW Gallery of Wood Art]
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