Social or solitary, joyful or somber, ceremonies remove us from the stream of the mundane. Over time, ceremonies gather their own ability to evoke emotions, but the true power of a ceremony is how well it directs our attention to a sacred moment.

The works in this exhibit were created by studio woodturning artists from nine countries, ranging in age from their early thirties into their seventies, each bringing their own perspectives on the theme. As makers, each of these artists engages (consciously or not) in ceremony; like their counterparts in ages past, they perform the timeless rituals of sharpening tools and gathering materials in preparation for work that is simultaneously everyday and extraordinary.

The materials used in this exhibit (twenty-nine different woods, metals both base and precious, stones and pigments, plastic and eggshells) are as diverse as the interpretations of the theme: birth, death, nature, sensuality, love, loss, fame.

[Description courtesy of the AAW Gallery of Wood Art]
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