Steven Kennard Video Hitting the Right Numbers

by Dave Long
. .
The view numbers aren't close to those of dancing babies or acrobatic dogs, which get millions of hits on YouTube.
But Steven Kennard is "really overwhelmed by the number of views we've had of a guy making wood art in rural Nova Scotia."

Kennard is a master Canadian wood artist from Canning, Nova Scotia -- 700 miles northeast of Boston. For decades he has combined his skills as a woodturner and sculptor to produce astonishingly detailed boxes made mostly from blackwood.

He draws large crowds at his demos at regional woodturning clubs in both the U.S.and Canada and at the American Association of Woodturners annual symposiums. His work has a big international following among wood art collectors.

Now the cyber world is getting at look at his work in a video entitled "Turns" which is getting up to 10,000 views per day.

The video is one of a series of six titled "Life's Work, a series of six conversations with Nova Scotian makers." It was commissioned by the Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council and Craft Alliance to promote the work of master craftsmen in the Canadian maritime provinces.

"The series was produced and directed by a gentleman named Ben Proudfoot for the film production company Breakwater Studios from Los Angeles," said Kennard. "He has a keen understanding of all the craft mediums which comes through in the videos. Couldn't be more pleased with the outcome so far and really surprised at the attention it has gotten on the internet.
"There is a proposal to gather all six of the parts and make them into a single television documentary. The possibility of that happening is very exciting but is a ways away."

Kennard will be demonstrating at the AAW symposium in Pittsburgh June 25-28. He will have work for sale at the event. He can be found on the internet at

Click here to view "Turns"