Kimberly Winkle Receives 2014 John D. Mineck Furniture Fellowship

CWA member Kimberly Winkle has been chosen as the recipient of the 2014 Mineck Fellowship, to be administered through the Society of Arts and Crafts in Boston, MA. John D. Mineck, a past president of the Society for Arts and Crafts Board of Trustees, was a passionate and dedicated fine furniture maker, who learned many of his skills from another fine furniture artist. To honor the relationship between teacher and student, the Society's Foundation created the fellowship in 2007 "to encourage and support a young-in-career furniture artist with the financial assistance to help him/her succeed in his/her journey." The award amount of $25,000 is to be used "to fulfill an apprenticeship, develop skills, and/or make the transition to independence".

CWA congratulates Kim on this prestigious award!

For more info on the Mineck Furniture Fellowship, click here.