A Taste for Spoons Opens at Fuller Craft Museum

Showcases 90 spoons from collection of Nora and Norman Stevens. .
This exhibition centers around the very personal story of one collector's passion. The exhibition in some ways is as much about the impact of a passionate collector as it is a story about magnificent spoons that were carved at his behest and through the forum he created.

When Norman Stevens began his 9" spoon collection in 2005, he and his wife already had a small collection of hand carved spoons many by Dan Dustin, a New Hampshire carver who introduced them to spoons in the early 1970s. He was attracted to spoons (1) because of their utility and the tactile experience of their feel in the hand and (2) because he admired the lifestyles of the wood carvers for their strong connection to wood, their earthiness and self sufficiency. The exhibit also includes an assortment of thirty-four bowls, ladles, spoons, and other kitchen utensils carved over a period of almost twenty years by Barry Gordon, a New York carver, from a single cherry burl.

When that commission was concluded, Norman initiated a call to a dozen or more spoon carvers to create a 9" teaspoon for him. Thank in large part to the Internet, and the help of some of the initial contributors, the collection rapidly expanded and Norman began to function as a spoon makers enthusiast and supporter.

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