A Few Words on Jan Peters Memorial

A few words from Bill and Marianne Hunter. .
For all who knew Jan Peters and those who benefited from her dedication, work ethic and vision, whether they knew it or not. Here is a little something from today.

Bill and I just returned from Jan's memorial. The sun is setting now ...it is beautiful and we are heart-full.

There were many people from different aspects of her life to pay respect and say farewell. We all learned a little something about a side of Jan we may not have known, listening to each other's stories, of what an accomplished, good and funny person we knew. There was so much love and respect for her as a friend, sister, aunt, partner and colleague. As a wife...she and David were so lucky in love...so obvious in the words of those who knew David and Jan as a couple and in the many pictures of them together, smiling and laughing and so clearly in love, and in David's loving tribute to his beloved.

As a mover in the arts, she was much more than simply a partner in a gallery. She worked with vision and helped move more than one field forward. She was important to many of our careers as artists, to many collectors appreciation of art, to many museums who grew to know the art of our world through her perseverance in adding to their collections. Del Mano Gallery was a leap of faith for Jan and Ray. They were an improbable pair who kept their partnership strong longer than many marriages last. They gave many new artists a chance to shine. Much unfolded from that leap.

Jan was a perfectionist, smart-as-a-whip astute, inquisitive, stubborn, opinionated, fair, moral, funny, generous, unselfish, and really, really brave! She was a good friend. She did good works in fields far from art, for children and for the ill that many of us never knew about. She was clear with everyone, but never mean, she had a really good heart.

Jan counted for something in her life here with us. She earned her life and it is inexplicable that she is gone. Bill and I are grateful to her and glad to have known her. We are glad for the good memories, the laughs and the road we traveled together. We have come such a long way! We can only regret the time we did not spend just having a good time with her, as we did when we were all kids together. We were glad to be together with so many people today who loved and respected Jan. We will remember Jan Peters as she is woven into our lives. That is the only form of immortality. To have done enough good in life that you go on in the lives that you have touched.

The sun has set and it is dark here now. A curtain has come down on this day, but tomorrow we begin again.
Marianne and Bill Hunter