Binh Pho: CWA 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

Every year the CWA gives a Lifetime Achievement Award to a deserving collector or artist; usually alternating between the two. It is with pleasure that the CWA recognizes Binh Pho as our 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner. 

Binh was not only an accomplished artist, but a champion of the field in the strongest way. Binh sat on the board of both the CWA and the AAW and contributed greatly to both of the organizations. Binh never stopped promoting the field of wood art with his involvement in organizations, galleries and teaching. Binh was instrumental in getting a handful of galleries to focus on wood art and helped many artists get their work into galleries. He was a presence at major shows like SOFA Chicago constantly promoting the field. He taught, collaborated with and encouraged artists from beginners to the most accomplished. Wherever he went, he was constantly lending a hand or word of advice to anyone interested. He collaborated on books about wood art, and through his creativity and skill moved the field forward with his groundbreaking designs.

In addition to everything he did for the field of wood art, many feel that Binh will be remembered best for his enduring spirit and positive attitude. Through his remarkable energy and infectious smile, Binh made an impact everywhere he went. In reading stories about Binh, the overwhelming theme is that, while we are all sad at his passing, we are all better people to have known him.

The Collectors of Wood Art mourns his passing, yet celebrates his life and we are proud to have him join our list of Lifetime Achievement Winners.

Artist Derek Weidman made a very special award for Binh that has been presented to his wife Vi. You can see the award at the top right of this page.