Recap and Photos from CWA Mini-Forum in Philadelphia by Joe Seltzer

The mini-forum was, I believe a success. 

We had 41 people at the Founders dinner, including 11 of the people who were at the original meeting of the CWA, November 1, 1997. Present were Robyn Horn, Albert LeCoff, Arthur and Jane Mason, Merryll Saylan, Betty Scarpino, David and Suzy Wahl, David and Ruth Waterbury and myself.

We had 31 people going to the Philadelphia Craft Show, where Bill Mitchell, Jennifer McCurdy and myself gave a panel on commissioning work.

Then we went to The Center for Art in Wood for a tour of the museum and their current exhibit, "Criss Cross," featuring Robyn Horn's sculpture.

Sunday we did a private tour of the Philadelphia Museum of Art storage area and curator Elisabeth Agro talked about a number of pieces of wood art in the collection. We also saw an exhibit featuring the work of Jack Larimore, who was present and talked about the pieces. A very nice morning.

Then most of the group came to my house for lunch and to see my collection. I always enjoy showing people my collection.

click here for photos from the Philadelphia Museum of Art tour