Michael Foster

Artist Statement

I love working in the medium of wood. Over the years I have made numerous pieces of furniture for my home and family, but my real passion is woodturning. The spinning wood and concentration involved are totally engrossing and extremely satisfying. Wood offers an endless array of grain, figure, color and texture that can be beautiful in its own right. While turning a form can bring out the beauty in wood, it is limited to circular forms by the mechanics of the lathe. To express ideas not possible by woodturning alone I often choose to enhance the process with carving, color and texture.

I have always been fascinated by the sciences but especially enjoy reading about the latest in astronomy, physics and biology. Much of the inspiration in my work comes from my interest in the sciences and math. I find beauty in the more ordered mathematical forms as well as in the organic forms found in nature. Many of the forms and shapes that I have come across are unusual, but quite interesting. I find it a fulfilling challenge to translate some of these forms into pieces derived from turning.