Bill Haskell

Artist Statement

I seek to explore form and composition in my turned objects, often with woods that offer rich figure, color, and unusual character. While finished wood is a warm, sensuous, inviting, and tactile material, creating a pleasing form that enhances and highlights the wood in each one-of-a-kind piece is a primary objective.

I often use natural elements found in timber (some might say imperfections) to advantage. Such features as bark inclusions, unusual figure, distressed areas, spalting (the initial stage of decomposition), natural edges, and sapwood/heartwood color contrast are often employed to achieve striking and unusual character in combination with complementary form.

Generally, I prefer to create enclosed forms, which seem to lend themselves to pleasing organic and sculptural shapes. I have become focused on using domestic and urban trees, which I find provide very rich and warm wood palettes for these forms.

In recent years, I have employed carved, pierced, and textured designs to enhance my work after the lathe process is completed. Generally, a less dramatic wood is used to minimize competition between the natural character of the wood and the design enhancement.