David Hostetler

Artist Statement

“My life centers round artful choices, the life rhythms, shapes and spaces and their infinite combinations. My lover, my nest, carving on a log, drumming, woodland meditation and archery are involved. The coming together of art, rhythms, forms and space can be magic. The quest for this gives my life purpose and provides my joy of being.”
“My sculpture is woman with the mark of the present and the past cultures on her. Timeless woman is an object, a goddess, angular, sensual, stylized, but always filled with grace and vitality that is woman. Woman to me is the ideal form, erotic yet pure, compositionally variable, yet identical every time.”
“My medium is wood. Wood appeals to my close affinity with nature and things organic. Wood is a magical material, alive and working organic, and never completely at rest.”
“My 64 year art career has been a continuous quest for the nature of woman. It has led me from the contemporary woman as mother, wife, nurturer, to vamp, seductress, and queen. Now the journey harkens to the pre-biblical period, to ancient civilizations of women-centered societies. My focus is the Near East with Minoan, Cretin, and Cycladic imagery. Their ascendancy was from 12,000 to 500 BC.”

“The goddess represents the all encompassing power of woman, the manifestation of humanity as a part of a whole, part of the cosmos and part of nature; and image that men and women can embrace equally. Among all goddesses, Asherah is my inspiration for it is she who was carved from living trees as well as the image of the tree of life. This goddess is the embodiment of my passion for wood and all that is woman.”

“I want to resurrect the goddess Asherah and the goddess within all of us through my art. The goddess is a symbol of empowerment for woman that men will not resent or fear for it is a metaphor for earth as a living organism, an archetype for a balanced feminine consciousness that encompasses men and women as equals. Maybe this is a search for the strength of women in all of us.”