Martha Collins

Artist Statement

My passion is to create timeless, beautiful, small objects using the natural colors and grains of domestic and exotic hardwoods. For 35 years I have explored this natural beauty which I frame with either natural veneers or veneers that are hand dyed in my studio.

My work is a meditative process honoring each species of wood. White Oak, Zebrawood and Wenge are favored for their grain patterns; Satinwood, Satine and Chatke Viga for their color, Boxwood, Pau Ferro and Ebony for their richness. It is the interplay of the different types of wood that excite me.

The patterns and movement are constructed through an extensive process involving lamination, slicing, and re-laminating while shifting the material. The artwork is revealed through lathe turning and sculpting. Hence, each piece is individually made and one of a kind.

Small ceremonial bowls are smaller than 2 inches in diameter with up to 1000 pieces of wood.

Bracelets are exquisite wearable art with many styles and designs, from 26 to 1200 pieces of wood in one bangle. Size ranges from 2 &1/4 in. to 2 & ¾ inches diameter.

Tableware, dramatic in design, demonstrates the inherent beauty of the wood in objects for everyday use.

My hope and desire is that my work will inspire the viewer, as a portal from this world to the eternal world of beauty, nourishing the spirit.

If you don't find what you're looking for, contact me for custom designs or commissions ... I'll even use your special wood.