Todd Hoyer

Artist Statement

My work has been a reflection of the changes in my life. Consciously and subconsciously, ideas and images have paralleled and expressed major shifts in my life. I have developed a personal language, through imagery to communicate. The sphere, which is the heart and soul of my work, is the foundation of most of the Series I work with. Simple surface treatments like blackened interior surfaces represent the void within. Weathered exteriors represent aging. The combinations of these and other images and forms, create a record of growth and change.
Many pieces were turned and then weathered outdoors for up to two years to create the cracking and silver patina on the surfaces. Some were then re-turned and wrapped with rusted wire, combining metal which creates tension with the wood surface while defining a form of its own. All of my pieces are created from a single piece of wood, with no cutting and reassembling. Structural and sculptural integrity are important in my work.

My creative process is reliant on the need not to be dazzled and stalled by technique and the beauty of the material. For me, success is to move forward, balancing the manipulation of form and expression with the organic nature of wood.