Bud Latven

Artist Statement

Since I'm not God's gift to creative writing I thought I'd share some interesting thoughts that resonate with me written by George Kubler in his wonderful little book called The Shape of Time.

On artwork
"Everything now made is either a replica or a variant of something made a little time ago and so on back without break to the first morning of human time… Let us suppose a gradient between absolute utility and absolute art; human product always incorporate both utility and art in varying mixtures, and no object is conceivable without the admixture of both."

On entrance
"Without a good entrance, (the artist) is in danger of wasting his time as a copyist regardless of temperament and training… Thus every birth can be imagined as set into play two wheels of fortune, one governing the allotment if its temperament, and the other ruling its entrance into a sequence… Both what he imagines and what he executes depend upon his position in the sequence, upon his entrance into the form-class."

On connected effort
"Every important work of art can be regarded both as a historical event and a hard-won solution to some problem. As the solutions accumulate, the problem alters. The chain of solutions nevertheless discloses the problem… As linked solutions accumulate, the contours of a quest by several persons are disclosed, a quest in search of forms enlarging the domain of aesthetic discourse… The continuum of connected effort makes the single work more pleasurable and more intelligible than in isolation."

While my wood lathe gently weeps...