Helga Winter

Artist Statement

I hand turn unseasoned Pacific Madrone (arbutus menziesii) on a wood lathe. Green Madrone, a wood that is unpredictable, is my favorite turning wood. The drying process is delicate, referring to a sense of mystery, balance, the fragility of life and a sense of movement.

I attempt to make objects that are pleasant to be with, invite to be touched, held and inquired.

The process of my work is self-discovery. The pieces are felt and become known to me only to be discovered anew through the beholder's imagination that decides and investigates the function of the piece.

Sometimes I leave the vessels natural and let the shape and translucency be the focal point; other times I create patterns with wax, fiber reactive dyes and/or acrylics, or simply bleach the piece.

Dyes and patterns on the wood are inviting a closer look and investigation: is it glass? is it pottery? is it wood?
The vessel, when given a new appearance, allows a quiet conversation to take place. Who am I really? How does my appearance, my attitude effect my inner being? Do they enhance the self or cover it up?

Through these processes I strive to show the pureness of the wood - the essence of being.