Jon Sauer

Artist Statement

I first became interested in woodturning in 1968. My grandfather made a lathe and gifted it to me and is where I learned to turn. At first wood was difficult to master instead I switched to wax. It was much easier to work, and with it created turned candles. Over the years I became better on the lathe and returned to wood. In 1978 I was exposed to exotic wood’s, soon enough woodworking became more serious and became my medium to transform.

In 1986 I purchased an antique Holtzapffel Ornamental Turning Lathe made in 1868.
The ornamentation to the turnings is done manually by indexing the work and carving it with a small revolving cutter. These cutters are held in cutting frames vertical, horizontal, and circular to the work piece. The woods used must be very hard and tight grained. Some of these woods are African Blackwood, Cocus, Boxwood & Lignum Vitae. In 1868 Ivory was used as their turning medium.

In 1992 I obtained a trade Rose Engine Lathe, also called a Guilloche Machine. This machine was used in the jewelry trade until 1965. This machine was converted to be used on wood. With it I learned to produce items with flowering patterns similar to nature. The rose engine has become a pleasure to use, and even changed my direction creating many patterns never thought imaginable.

My work is ever-changing, and I strive to create something extraordinary. There is joy and satisfaction in seeing a new form evolve. The natural grain and figure patterns of the wood always produce a striking new design. To take a raw material, change it shape, and create beauty of form brings purpose to my life. Each piece of work is a one-of-a-kind to satisfy the physical needs of the user. I have shown my work at various fairs and galleries throughout my life.

Some time back turning of spinning tops excited me, and others who enjoy
playing with toys.

Life is also having a bit of fun.