Keith Holt

Artist Statement

The spirit within the human figure has been the basis of my inspiration. For the past few years I have explored the uses of the lathe in combination with carving to create figurative sculpture. These forms are achieved through multi-axis turning and/or carving. As an artist, I strive to allow the form of a piece to emerge from the lathe, seeing the circle of movement as an endless stream of possibilities. Though the wood is an essential part of my process, I have painted or burned some of the pieces to add strength to the architectural lines and to disguise the materials. This use of form to reveal the spirit within us provides boundless possibilities to explore.

There are several series of work. The “Meditation Series,” the “Awakening Series,” and the “Figurative Series” differ greatly, but all share a common expression of human spirit. Working with such diverse styles helps keep the processes fresh, and I continue to explore new methods for creating form.