Andy DiPietro

Artist Statement

Andy has been working with his hands and taking things apart to see how they work since he was a small child. He was introduced to woodworking and metal working in grade school where he completed many functional projects. In high school he dabbled in building performance cars which lead him to study Mechanical Engineering in College. Andy has been working as a Mechanical Engineer for more than 35 years designing large foundry equipment. Andy enjoys working with metal, but his true love is working with wood.
In 1999 Andy built a well-equipped workshop so he could design and construct cabinetry for his home. After 5 years of completing many projects he realized that he needed to tap into in his artist side. So he began learning how to turn wood with a passion. In 2006 he specialized in hollow form turning and by 2007 he was selling his large hollow forms in local galleries. By 2009 he developed his signature sand-texturing and wood dyeing techniques along with his catenary curved bottom vessels.
Andy’s artworks have gained him world-wide recognition. First, with his modern vessel style and second with his dynamic sculptural series. He has demonstrated vessel hollowing in many clubs in the North-East region and has exhibited nationally. He has been showcased in the following magazines: American Woodturner, Creative Woodturning New Zealand, and Woodturning Magazine in England. His “Marbleized Maple” vessel and his sculptures, “Torrent,” & “Rising Up” have toured nationally with the AAW juried exhibitions in 2010, 2013 & 2014. He is an invited Artist for the 2015 AAW Merging exhibition. Andy has received two Niche finalist awards in the wood color category in 2014 & 2015.

In 2013, Andy received an AAW Excellence award for his dynamic sculpture ‘Entwined’. Since then, Andy has been exhibiting at the following fine art gallery/exhibits: S.O.F.A. Chicago, Riley Galleries and Grovewood to name a few. Andy continues to develop his sculptural techniques as he deepens his artistic voice.
The intent of his work is to express his passion for Art and Architecture. His sculptural forms allow him to work with positive and negative spaces in a dynamic fashion. The ability to separate and rotate his two piece sculptures allows for many different arrangements. With proper lighting the rotated segments create beautiful shadows and negative space.

The art of his work is in the shapes he forms together with the beauty of the wood he selects. He chooses hardwoods that exhibit unusual colors and uncommon figure. His forms and finishes are chosen to showcase the grain flow of the wood. He enjoys adding texture to his works by sandblasting the surface and enhancing the grain with color dyes and oil finishes.
Andy lives in Burlington, New Jersey with his wife, Patricia and his Collie and two Golden Retrievers.