Bob Rotche

Artist Statement

The creation of art is a journey. For some makers, this journey is a straight shot down the highway to their desired destination. For others, it is a slow paddle down a meandering river with lots of detours and exploration of hidden coves. I fall into the second group, as is apparent from a viewing of my portfolio.

I’ve worked with wood in one way or another for most of my life but it was in 2010 when I started experimenting with the lathe that my passion for creating took flight. Initially enthralled by the natural beauty of wood, I focused on bowls and hollow forms. Shortly thereafter I realized the degree to which individuality could be expressed and stories told by manipulating the surface with carving, coloring, and texturing. I am also fascinated by the opportunities afforded by adding non-wood materials.

As my work evolves, I am becoming increasingly enamored with sculptural and non-traditional shapes. I am having a blast exploring this meandering, creative river and can’t wait to see what’s around the next bend.