Terry Evans

Artist Statement

The artist’s world is often driven by obsessions. Two such obsessions motivate me – the desire to create objects of distinction, and the ongoing search for wood species that are visually engaging, whether they are incredibly rare varieties, or common local hardwoods that have somehow been overlooked. Inventing processes and creating new forms have been the focus of my creative life for over 35 years. I began my earliest artistic pursuits as a leathersmith, which in turn lead to the development of a line of inlaid wood belt buckles and other jewelry. My introduction to unusual hardwoods, aided by a membership in the International Wood Collectors Society, resulted in a desire to design and produce boxes and other vessel forms.
My process involves laminating various hardwood lumber, natural veneers, and dyed veneers into a solid block, or billet. The box-making techniques I use are adaptations of basic band saw box production that have been popularized in the last 50 years. I like to think that I have added a few twists of my own.