Norine Kevolic

Artist Statement

I’ve had a lifelong fascination with Tribal and Oceanic Arts, and with the Byzantine Arts of my cultural heritage. Carved masks and figures, totem poles, and religious icons are all highly expressionistic forms of expression, embodying great energy and meaning. They are symbols of inner and outer realms, and this is at the heart of my artistic vision.

My work is about enlightenment and wonder. I enjoy experimenting and inventing, handcrafting, turning my jumble of abstract ideas and emotions into a visible object. Some of my recurring themes are: the moon, water, space, and dreams and enlightenment.

The mosaics I composed, beginning in the late 1990s, were figurative, greatly inspired by Byzantine icons and mosaics. These works incorporated painted patterns, gold leaf, aluminum and copper leaf, aniline dyes, and a variety of natural woods. With the introduction of bamboo into my palette in 2010, my figurative work has morphed into more semi-abstraction.

Every piece of wood or bamboo in the composition is treated as a finished sculptural element in itself. I prefer a ~ refined but not perfect finish ~ to my work, with some tool marks desirable, an imprint of the artist's hand at work.