Jim Liedtke

Artist Statement

I have been sculpting in wood for the past 15 years. My materials have included alder, red and yellow cedar, butternut and in the main, basswood. Initially my inspirations derived from ethnic art forms of the Americas including the First Nation tribes of the Pacific Northwest, the Arctic, and the Pre Columbia civilizations of Meso- and South America. This rich mix to traditions provided me with a starting point to create a variety of compositions. More recently I have turned to contemporary styles to express my thoughts and feelings. I like to tell stories with my sculptures, sometimes with a historical bent, frequently with a touch of humor. Most of my work derives from nature and heavily relies on caricature and portraits to express my ideas. Although my background was in the sciences, I have increasingly come to appreciate the visual arts as a referred vehicle to express the dilemmas of modern society and to articulate my reactions to them.