David Western

Artist Statement

My passion is the Welsh lovespoon. For centuries this dramatic wooden token has been given as a way to express love, passion and deepest respect. Although styles and tastes have changed over the years, love (and the desire to express it) has not.
As a lovespoon carver, my goal is to fuse elegant design, peerless craftsmanship and an understanding of my client's feelings, passions and circumstances into a beautiful and meaningful artwork.
Although I continually strive to push the lovespoon tradition into new and unexplored territory, I also endeavour to keep one foot well rooted in tradition. I always carve my spoons from a single timber (as is time-honoured custom) and I work with my clients to create designs which reflect their personal stories within my finished spoons.
A lovespoon's impact is as much derived from its message as from the presentation of its beauty; achieving both in harmony is my goal as a carver.