Carl Ford

Artist Statement

I love lots of color. My inspiration comes from flowers, plants and patterns in the natural world. I like the nice flowing lines found in nature and love all of the colors, shapes and patterns found in flowers. I also love cold weather. The beautiful shapes of trees in winter and patterns in wind blown snow.

I trained as an Electrical Engineer after growing up in my father's flower shop. My engineering background helps me get things done. While, my florist background helps me get started and follow my artistic inspirations.

I have studied with numerous 1st generation great woodturners like David Ellsworth, Michael Hosaluk, Al Stirt, etc. You can see the influence of there tools and techniques in my work but I do not copy there designs. My designs and patterns are my own. I want to become a well recognized part of the 2nd generation of modern woodturners who build on the techniques pioneered by the 1st generation.