Michael Scarborough

Artist Statement

“The woodworker has a special intensity, a striving for perfection, a conviction that any task must be executed with all his skill.”
- George Nakashima

In a time when “how quickly?” and “how inexpensively?” are the first questions on the lips of many, I take as my influence the simple beauty and care in workmanship and artistry I saw as a child in rural Japan.

In my 25 years as a classical singer, I often found the “business” of music to be ugly, but the music itself always beautiful. I strive to bring the same elements I loved in music – lyricism, harmony and rhythm – to my art now.

My pieces are inspired by my childhood in Japan. Most are hand turned and carved. I work primarily in wood and paint, sometimes using metal leaf and organic materials such as rice, leaves and soil to create textures in the finish. This combination of mediums allows me the most flexibility and latitude in creating a new finish or recreating an ancient one.