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Voice Of Pine

Jim Kelso

2011    Size   H: 2.75 cm  W: 13.8 cm  D: 6.3 cm  

Sold - Jul 15, 2011

During many quiet and restorative hours in Nature, I am fascinated with the ever-changing details of stream-beds after high-water events such as spring run-off or a large rainfall. One of the phenomena that appeals to me in this regard is the arrangement of bits of nature left by water and wind. Objects large and small, such as stones, twigs, needles and cones come to rest here and there, creating small still-lifes, charged with the power of the water and the mystery of how objects came to their position.The body of the piece was carved from Vera wood and brought to a high polish. The pine needles were saw-pierced from copper and carved, engraved, chased, polished and patinated with the traditional Japanese niage technique

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