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Leaf Spirit

Jim Kelso

  Size   H: 1.75 in  W: 2 in  D: 5.9 in  


This project was conceived as an homage to leaves, a favorite subject of mine in nature. The model was a dried leaf that I collected about ten years ago, and although I have not been able to identify the species, it is one of my prized natural specimens. During the last parts of this project I came to a deeper understanding of why I find the leaf form so appealing. Even a single leaf, not to speak of the uncountable number of them, can be a representation of infinity as it changes every instant and passes visually from nothing back to nothing. I chose to carve the leaf in a specially selected piece of Ebony, which was chosen for its marbled black and brown color, grain characteristics and soundness. I have had this wood for more than twenty-five years.

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