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Faith In A Seed

Jim Kelso

2009    Size   H: 5.5 cm  W: 2.1 cm  D: 1.5 cm  

Sold - Apr 27, 2009

This piece, a small box, is an homage to the beauty and hopefulness of Spring and it’s miracles of growth and rejuvenation. I chose to portray this theme with a sprouting Beech nut and a small fern crosier. The body of the box is of Ziricote wood, chosen for it’s figure and grain orientation. The fern crosier is also copper. It was boiled in niage solution for eight hours to achieve the very red copper color (called hido). The copper has an application of fused 18k gold for texture and color variation. The Beech sprout is 18k gold emanating from a nut carved from solid copper.

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