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To The Next World

Jim Kelso

2012    Size   H: 37.5 cm  W: 12.5 cm  

A tray in Holly wood, of personal viewing size with subject of a rabbit spirit. Several years ago a wild rabbit ran directly into the wheels of my car. I was shaken by the quickness and apparent random violence of his(her) death. I love rabbits and hares for having both qualities of gentleness and wildness. It is perhaps an ideal combination that I aspire to and I wanted to make some tribute to her. The carving represents the imagined movement of the rabbit on to the next world. Her back half is hidden in a swirling pattern evocative of a spirit state. Her front moves on, searching but confident of the beyond. There is a lovely bit of knot figure in the upper right suggestive of some vibrational source or destination.

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