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Alan Trout

2012    Size   H: 7.5 in  W: 7.5 in  

In an Exhibition - Grovewood Gallery "Celebration Of Color"

"Paamuya" is my latest Acorn Cap piece. It is my interpretation of an Native American water jar. I have been doing some more open forms of late and thought this might make a really nice open form for the light to shine through. Those that have seen my pieces in person know that they are very translucent and this one is more so as I intentionally went at little light on pigments so it would allow more light to pass through. This form was a popular form for many of the southwest native peoples. Versions of this form can vary widely in proportions. I have seen short squatty versions as well as taller versions. Some have more slope at collar and others that are very strait at the collar. I picked the proportions that I felt that would give effect and allow light to shine through the piece. "Paamuya" is the name of the Hopi August moon. It means "Moon of Joyful". I started this piece in early August of this year I knew the 31st of August was the last Blue Moon till 2015 and wanted to do a piece that represented that event and the feeling I had from getting back to work on the things I love to do. "Paamuya" was the perfect name. The piece is made of live oak acorn caps and the rim is live oak burl cast in a bright blue resin.

In this photo the piece is backlit. This really shows the translucency of the piece.

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