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The Tao of Geometry

Michael Foster

2011    Size   H: 12 in  W: 8 in  D: 3 in  


This is a piece based on the piece Infinite Loop, which was an earlier concept piece.   Infinite loop was a minimal surface of a trefoil knot.   I did not like the extra twist in the center connector needed to make it a true trefoil.   I took the twist out on this piece and find the result much more pleasing.   If you trace the edge, it is just a twisted loop, but the surfaces still approximate a minimal surface. It was my intention all along to suggest the Taoist Yin Yang symbol.   What makes it more interesting is that the the   same appearance is reflected on the other side, sort of a deepening of the meaning in the symbol.   However, looked at from the side or an angle, you get a far different perspective. Black Ash Burl Mahogany stain for the dark side Bleach for the light side Pyrography Lacquer. Maple stand with pyrography and colored with black gesso

Side view

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