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Neptune's Tribute

Michael Foster

2012    Size   H: 8 in  W: 7 in  

Sold - Apr 12, 2012

This piece started as a bowl that was pierced with the pattern of one particular diatom as an exchange of bowls for the Woodturners America forum community. While piercing it I noticed how nice the shadows were when a direct light was shone from above, so I decided to make a pedestal for it. I wanted to keep it organic and in the aquatic vein, and landed on an octopus as a great form. Once it was all pierce, the base carved, I was looking at it an decided that it needed some color. So this piece sort of evolved as I worked on it, but I’m pleased with the end result. Ash for both bowl and pedestal Aniline dyes, tung oil/varnish mix Bowl 7 x 2.25

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