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A Geometer's Treasure Box

Michael Foster

2018    Size   H: 6 in  W: 3.75 in  D: 3.75 in  

In an Exhibition

A Geometer’s Treasure Box is a re-visit of a traditional turned box. Rather than the more traditional round work, here I used the lathe to create a box representing a cube with an interior spherical hollow. This form was accomplished totally on the lathe with no carving involved. Likewise all of the treasures in the box were also turned on the lathe. These include a sphere, cube, cylinder, cone, tetrahedron, octahedron and a dodecahedron. I enjoyed creating the piece choosing unique woods that the theme “Out of the Woods” invoked in my interpretation of the theme. Box- Asian Ironwood Burl 3.75" x 3.75" x 3.75" Stand elevates the form to 6" and is Red Maple and Acrylics Treasures Sphere-Tulipwood, Cube-Lignum vitae, Cone-Yellowheart, Cylinder-Pernambuco, Tetrahedron-Holly, Octahedron-Thuya Burl, Dodecahedron- Ebony (all treasures just fit into the spherical interior)

Alternative view showing stand is actually a cone supporting a hemisphere.

Box open


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