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Radiolarian VI

Michael Foster

2017    Size   H: 6 in  W: 4.75 in  D: 4.75 in  

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Radiolarian VI was inspired by an electron photomicrograph by Patrick De Wever of the radiolarian Praeconosphaera  sphaeroconus, a microscopic life form which lived about 135 million years ago and left behind its skeleton. I realized that the spherical shape of this radiolarian has some universal mathematical underpinnings. The outside shape of the the radiolarian is a sphere, but it has bumps arranged in a natural symmetry that resounds through both biologic forms and human engineering. There are regular arrangements of intermixed hexagons and pentagons also prevalent in dome structures as epitomized by the work of Buckminster Fuller. Maple, Bleach, Fixatif, Acrylic

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