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Lost Reliquary of Thoth

Michael Foster

2016    Size   H: 6 in  W: 7 in  D: 6 in  

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Another piece exploring the Platonic solids. This is a tetrahedron that was accomplished all on the lathe using 4 separate axes for completing the form including the interior box which is spherical. Contemplating how to enhance the form, the piece has the feel of a pyramid (though it really has only 3 faces and a pyramid has 4). I did find reference to the Egyptian god Thoth, and further exploration of this Egyptian reference led me down the road to wind up with this piece. One face shows a carving of Thoth as usually depicted. A human body with the head of an Ibis. Another face shows the symbol of Ankh, which many of the Egyptian gods, including Thoth, possess. Ankh is the symbol that represents the breath of life, the key of the Nile or crux ansata. The third face shows the star tetrahedron in relief. Each of the strings of hieroglyphs below each carving are directly related to the carving and displayed as they would be seen on the walls or papyrus of ancient Egypt. The only exception is the string of characters below the star tetrahedron. The only hieroglyphic writing pertaining to geometry that I could find on the internet was a description on how to construct a truncated pyramid, and I used just a small portion of this in the art. Since I called this a Reliquary, I decided that it needed relics. So there is a stylus, tablature and an Ankh. Thoth was most often displayed holding a Stylus and tablature to show that he was the god of the written language. I did not include this in my carving only because it would have been so difficult to depict this on a tiny scale, but including a couple as relics was easier. Box Elder, Acrylics, India Ink, Fixatiff, 23 K Gold leaf



Star tetrahedron


Box open with relics

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