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Michael Foster

2016    Size   H: 3 in  W: 7.5 in  D: 7.5 in  

In an Exhibition - To be shown in the AAW Patterns exhibit this summer in Atlanta

M. C. Escher’s work has always fascinated me, especially his exploration of tessellations. I have been exploring the intersection of math and art and a tessellation immediately came to mind while contemplating the “Patterns” theme. Escher explored the Mobius strip in his 2D art. An idea came to mind to design a pierced tessellation on a Mobius strip. Keeping with the math roots theme of my work I decided to create a Mobius strip with 3 twists confined within the form of a torus. The making of this piece has given me even more respect for the work of Escher. This piece is started on the lathe as a turned torus (donut). From this starting point I designed a triply twisted Mobius strip on the surface of the torus. I carved away most of the torus to leave behind only the thin Mobius strip with only the edges of the the Mobius left as the original surface of the torus. A morphing tessellation was designed and drawn on the the Mobius strip. The strip was then pierced and finally finished with a tung oil finish.

Alternate view

Another view

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