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Currents of the Cosmos

Michael Foster

2013    Size   H: 14 in  W: 11 in  D: 3 in  

In an Exhibition - Submitted to the jury for inclusion in the AAW "Currents&qu

Math and cosmology were my inspirations for this work. The main form started as a torus off the lathe. The edges all lay on the surface of the original torus and traces out a knot known in math as a 3,4 torus knot. The surface that joins the edges has only one side and is known as a non-orientable surface. The cross section is another mathematical form known as a hypo-cycloid. Cosmology refers to both religious and scientific concepts of the origin and fate of the universe. Some of the oldest religions of the world, Jainism and Hinduism, held that the the universe was both cyclical and infinite. Likewise, some of the cutting edge thinking in theoretical physics, string theory, hints of a cyclical and infinite universe. This was my attempt to portray the never-ending flow of space-time

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