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Spiraling Up

Lynda Smith-Bugge

2012    Size   H: 76 in  W: 16 in  D: 16 in  

Available for Purchase

Spiraling Up is made from an oak branch, which has a naturally curved “S” line. Slicing the branch twice in my band saw creates two more “S” shaped lines. Placed on a base of geometric forms, the branches intertwine, lifting the eye upward into the curvatious negative space. For some viewers these “S” shaped branches remind them of dancers stepping gracefully around a dais. The base of two geometric forms -circles and square - balance and support the delicacy of nature’s playful lines. The four16" discs, made from a neighbor's poplar tree, were turned on a lathe. They are like vessels holding the dance floor for the abstract undulating dancers.

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