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Photo by Mark Finkenstaedt
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Proud Stance

Lynda Smith-Bugge

2011    Size   H: 51 in  W: 9 in  D: 13 in  

PROUD STANCE 51” X 9’ X 13” Maple, oak, copper paint PROUD STANCE, a stoic column of burl maple, holds up basins. The smooth exterior of the distinctive burl is dramatically contrasted with an exposed crevice damaged by a force of nature, the beetle. The splendid raw interiors created by beetle-borers carve capillary textures through the core, pathways for energy and water to flow. Like the tree-of-life, this column draws water from the roots to the basins. The precipitous edges outline a proud water-carrier figure. The dramatic damaged section of this maple tree inspired this sculpture. Chain saw and power tools shaped the outer form. Three edges have been planed and squared to accentuate the contrasted raw beauty of the burl vs. the beetle action. Copper paint illuminates natural decomposing forces of the raw interior. Lathe-turned maple basins are stacked atop. The cap attaches the basins to the column, which is bolted to the oak base. PROUD STANCE is a study of natural contrasts - smooth vs. rough, intentional vs. unintentional, and the beauty of the burl vs. the beauty of deconstruction by beetles. The intrinsic spirit of this wood art seems ancient and ritualistic.

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