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Photo by Mark Finkenstaedt
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Ancient Dais

Lynda Smith-Bugge

2012    Size   H: 28 in  W: 16 in  D: 16 in  

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A raised platform, ANCIENT DAIS cradles a vessel. A hemisphere of burled maple represents a microcosm of the world at large. Undulating ocean waters and far-reaching mountain ridges can be found within the burl’s magic. An oak log split into opposing crescents and joined with a center-cut, creates an upward lift and focus, an altar. ANCIENT DAIS brings forward the rough exteriors and explores the rich hidden interiors of local harvested trees. This engaging form is a dichotomy of raw vs. refined, flat vs. round, straight vs. curved, horizontal vs. vertical, and odd vs. even. A balance of spirit and structure, this pillar of strength echoes ceremonial tides.

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