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Crystal Globe

Jonathan Garcia

2011    Size   W: 10 in  

In a gallery - Available for Purchase at Palette Contemporary Art & Craft

Laminated & Segmented Woodturning - Purpleheart, Yellowheart, Padauk, Mahogany and Maple (Beeswax finish) Crystal Globe was an interpretation of the most ubiquitous shape in the universe. The four cups along the equator are inverted hemispheres; perhaps pulled inward through the gravity of the globe itself. The cups are meant to be a highlight, featuring a crystalline design. You will notice that all four ‘crystals’ in a single cup have the same orientation of color suggesting a light source and its refraction into different spectrum’s; mimicking light that is moving through a crystal. Above and below the cups is an ascending and descending array of spacers that separate the rings; allowing the viewer to see inside of the piece. The overall structures of the spacers are aligned in such a way to mimic temples mirrored above and below the crystal cups; delivering a visual cue for reverence. Never underestimating the visual impact of the primitive form, the design for the purple blocks adjacent to the cups along the hemisphere was inspired from the triangle.

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