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Black Pot Dawn

David Ellsworth

2010    Size   H: 8.5 in  W: 11 in  D: 11 in  

Available for Purchase - Ellsworth Studios - Quakertown, PA.

The feeling of transparency in the surface gives this form a sense of movement that I can only describe as a 'pulse'. It also appears much larger in real life than its dimensions indicate, an illusion that is achieved by developing a form that keeps the eye constantly in motion as it tries to absorb the entire piece rather than its individual parts. The tiny inlay that crosses the crack intersecting the entrance hole stands slightly proud on the surface (see detail) as it follows the ascending contour toward the hole.

Photo by David Ellsworth

I positioned this inlay to draw attention to the tiny crack that appeared adjacent to the hole during the making process. The universal law of all of woodworking is that "wood moves." And when it does, it becomes an opportunity to celebrate these perfect imperfections. The body of the form having now dried is now perfectly stable.

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