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Photo by Rudy Hellmann
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Barry Gordon

2012    Size   H: 1 in  W: 1.25 in  D: 7.5 in    Weight: 0.25 lb

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A friend cut a young bitternut hickory tree growing in his yard and gave it to me to make simple utensils to be given as gifts to relatives. I selected wood for the utensils but also noticed a couple of places on the stem that contained scars where, at an earlier time, sections of bark had been damaged and callus tissue subsequently grew around them. I utilized one of these areas to make this spoon and its base (visible in the detail image). The top of the base was the original surface where the bark had been removed. The spoon was made from unaffected wood plus wood under the calloused bark that grew subsequent to the damage. As the spoon was being shaped the connection between the older and newer sections was severed, yielding the spoon/base combination. The spoon fits on the base exactly as the two pieces were situated in the tree.

Photo by Rudy Hellmann

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