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Photo by Rudy Hellmann
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Barry Gordon

2004    Size   H: 18 in  W: 3 in  D: 2.5 in    Weight: 1 lb


My definition of a "ladle", as opposed to a "spoon", is a utensil that has a nearly ninety degree angle between the rim of the bowl and the lower part of the handle shaft. I feel that ladles should be made from sections of trees that have grown in approximately that configuration. European buckthorn heartwood seems to appear in two different colors. Much of it has a very attractive orange color with shades of pink often also discernible. Other trees have wood with a pale yellow color, generally less attractive than the orange. I have not been able to ascertain what factors cause either color to appear in a given tree. The sapwood is always cream color but can quickly stain to a grey, brown or purple hue. This ladle was made from yellow color wood but the strong figure in the bowl and the the appearance of the brown sapwood compensated for the less attractive color of the heartwood. The ladle was purchased by one of my students who has gone on to make spoons professionally.

Photo by Rudy Hellmann

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