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Photo by Rudy Hellmann
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Barry Gordon

2008    Size   H: 12 in  W: 4 in  D: 4 in    Weight: 2 lb

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Someone, years ago, must have installed an electric fence to control the movement of cows. A red oak tree was used to anchor part of the fence. Years later, the tree was felled for firewood and the firewood processing machine created the chunk from which this piece was made, broken insulator included. The back of the piece has the natural surface that was under the bark when the tree was felled. Because this rear surface is highly weathered, the bark must have fallen off or been removed (if the log from had originally been designated as a saw log but subsequently rejected because metal was detected). I shaped the sides slightly, maintaining the form in which this part of the tree had grown. I also carved the channel that follows the curve around the insulator. That channel and the bottom of the piece are the only portions sanded smooth and the channel has several coats of my usual finish. The sides and top of the piece are just as I band sawed them so there are four contrasting surface textures: the split face, the weathered back, the band sawed sides and top (neither of which are smooth), and the highly finished channel.

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