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Photo by Rudy Hellmann
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Barry Gordon

2008    Size   H: 7 in  W: 11 in    Weight: 8 lb

Not for sale

This hard maple piece represented a departure from my spoon and dish-based work. Photographer friend Rudy Hellmann "rescued" a section of maple tree that a neighbor had used as a support for both another tree and for a hoist. The piece presented a dilemma as the only logical surface to carve into was the end grain (transverse) surface and I typically carve into linear (radial or tangential) surfaces. After deliberating for more than a year I was ready to return the piece to Rudy when I realized that I could adapt my methods to carve into the end grain. After several cautious, tentative forays into the wood my confidence and enthusiasm grew and this dramatic object was the result. The project was the subject of an article in the April 2008 issue of WOODWORK magazine.

Photo by Rudy Hellmann
Photo by Rudy Hellmann

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