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Photo by Rudy Hellmann
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Barry Gordon

2008    Size   H: 3.5 in  W: 11 in  D: 3.5 in    Weight: 1 lb

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This dish, that weighs perhaps one pound, came from a curved log approximately eight feet long by fifteen inches in diameter. My very cooperative firewood suppliers had spotted it and delivered it on the top of a load of our firewood. The most interesting, highly- figured part of the log was in the middle where it curved most. Two friends helped for an hour to saw and split the log to a size manageable on the band saw. The initial plan was to create a two-handled dish approximately twenty inches long, but a fraction of a second's loss of concentration while band sawing led to an inaccurate cut that precluded the desired alignment of the handles. (Lesson: don't try precise sawing after an hour of heavy exertion). I kept the piece of wood and the ensuing disappointment and frustration lasted several months until I realized that I have the ability to carve dishes without needing a handle as a holding surface. With much delight, I then proceeded to further shape and refine the piece. The figure was symmetrical in the wood and, though I don't typically make symmetrical work, this dish is fully symmetrical. It is a prime example of how a highly satisfactory piece may evolve from an initial plan that was quite different.

Photo by Rudy Hellmann

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